We like to dance!

While we certainly do not have a skill set for dancing, we sure do love to watch it and pretend like we can move. Whether it’s standing in the corner at a nightclub or wedding or watching Dancing with the […]

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A Jewish Tragedy

We often hear about Greek tragedies when it comes to theater and various performances around town. How often do we hear about a Jewish tragedy?! In some ways, this tragedy is linked to the Greeks. This production stems from familiar […]

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Whose Points of View

The piece is called “Points of View”. The Sculptor is Tony Cragg. The Curator is Brooke Kamin Rapaport. And, the location is Madison Square Park. Madison Square Park Conservancy’s public art program, known as Mad. Sq. Art., has outdone themselves […]

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Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Art

We spent a bulk of the summer months discussing the outdoor movies, the summer drinks and all the art exhibits that seem to pop up in the summer months. Well, with the close of summer comes the end of beach […]

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Terry Zheng, a former sushi chef, did what?

Do you know who Terry Zheng is? Yes, he was a sushi chef. If that’s not how you know him, then maybe it’s from his one of a kind creation called the 5D Cinema. Beyond 2D and 3D, this is […]

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