On Fire!

Everything seems to be uber specialized (including Uber). Craft beers with special hops from particular regions, distilleries popping up in Brooklyn making special blends, and even restaurants that serve only French fries or only cupcakes. We live in a very […]

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Fight of the Century

If you haven’t heard the hype, then you’re definitely living in a hole, without internet access. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is fighting Manny Pacquiao (finally) and the world has been covering it as if they’re the ones in the ring! The […]

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Price Increases We Don’t Worry About

It seems that everything is always ‘going up’. Until recently, it was gas and clothes and education. Don’t forget about rent, food, and train fare. It often feels that while prices are rising, salaries remain stagnant. Let the complaints begin. […]

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REVIEW: Broth Fest!

On Saturday March 14, hundreds of New Yorkers and visitors from near and far escaped the rain to celebrate the first-ever Broth Fest (#brothfest – pics from guests) at The Seaport. The festival brought together downtown powerhouse Katz’s Deli, Venezuelan […]

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Help! Food Coma!

Is there such a thing as too many choices? Our gluttonous team at New York Events would argue no under almost any circumstance (especially if we’re talking about food and booze). While we couldn’t have enough on Friday night, we […]

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