Freedom of the Human Spirit

We’ve discussed the World’s Fair more than we probably should or at least more than its been relevant for quite some time. Maybe our obsession and infatuation with the park is that the idea is so beyond us. The fact that […]

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Happy Birthday

Our birthday is not until October so hold the fireworks…Not so fast! As you are all probably aware, this is a short week. Our office has a countdown on the wall — by the minute. Summer weekends always seem to […]

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What kind of name is Katniss?

Most of us probably know the name and some of us who know it may not realize why it’s such a familiar sounding name even though we don’t know anyone who goes by it. Well, let us help. Katniss Everdeen […]

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Hello Newman

Sometimes we wonder if Jerry Seinfeld even understands why he’s so rich and famous. A show about nothing has done something. The show about nothing has maintained its relevance and popularity in the world where smart phones and email could […]

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Old School Kind of Date

The New York dating scene is always of interest to all of us. Whether we’re searching, trying to get back into the search or just listening, we are in tune with dating. Many of us are suggesting places to take […]

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