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Better Insta

You love taking pictures on your iPhone and love posting them on all of your social media accounts even more. From finding the right background, setting the pose (definitely a selfie), applying the filter and pushing share – all to […]

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Happy 132nd Birthday!

People are living longer these days. That’s a fact. Even as our headline suggests, 132 is not that unfathomable with today’s medicine, life expectancy, etc. However, we are not talking about people today. And no, you animal lovers, we are […]

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That is Not Real!

We’ve all seen photos that make us take a step back and evaluate their authenticity; whether it’s the 75 year old woman with no wrinkles or your friend who suddenly has different color eyes or seems a bit slimmer around […]

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A New Kind of Social

Buzz words will forever change and are probably most prominent in Corporate America. You know what we’re talking about; ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘hit the ground running’ or ‘streamlining the process’. Yes, we are cringing too. One of the more […]

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