@ Barbounia – 250 Park Avenue South

For one week, Mediterranean eatery Barbounia showcases hummus, a specialty of chef Efraim Noan, with a number of menu additions. The Israeli-Moroccan toque has created more than ten versions of the chickpea-based dish for the occasion. Try a Tunisian riff with fish kofta in turmeric and lemon broth ($22.50), or sample the Mexican rendition with black beans, crispy avocado and pico de gallo ($19.50). For the adventurous, there are hummus desserts like French toast made with tahini, silan (date syrup) cream and frozen olive oil drops ($10), and a deconstructed “Snickers” with caramelized chickpeas and tahini ice cream ($10).

For more information please contact events@barbounia.com