@ Madison Square Garden – Seventh Ave. & 32nd Street

Thrash-metal heavyweights Megadeth had a stellar 2011, during which they both played with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax at Yankee Stadium and put out an excellent 13th album (woefully titled TH1RT3EN). Now they’re keeping the high going by headlining a diverse group of heavy music greats on their own Gigantour: Joining them are Motörhead, who are celebrating nearly 40 years of earth-rattling speed punk and gravely vocals, and Volbeat, a Danish band that sounds a bit like Elvis fronting Metallica, a sound that somehow works. For bonus points, Volbeat will be joined by guitarist Hank Sherman of proto-thrash legends Mercyful Fate. With goth metalers Lacuna Coil.

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