at Traffic Bar & Restaurant (986 Second Ave, New York City)

Often called the “sport or kings,” polo is a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is to score goals against an opposing team — think hockey on horseback.

Traditionally played on large grass fields up to 300 yards in length, the United States Urban Polo Association has adapted the tournament for metropolitan settings — to be played in…. pubs.

In the 2011 World Urban Polo Championship, teams will compete in six chukkas (periods) at a half dozen celebrated bars, taverns and watering holes in Manhattan.

The object: Beat the clock and your opponents as you and your team complete six polo-themed challenges, using the inQuicity mobile app, at a half dozen of Manhattan’s premier taverns and toniest social establishments, score the most points, and return with your teammates to the winners circle to claim victory! The winning team will share an eye-popping VIP GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE that includes — $500 in crisp U.S. currency, an assortment of valuable gifts –AND– the coveted WORLD URBAN POLO CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!

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