Thursday, July 14th at Marina 59 (5914 Beach Channel Drive at Beach 59th Street, Far Rockaway)

Artist and boat-builder Constance Hockaday has constructed a series of floating hotel rooms and a theater at Marina 59 at Far Rockaway in New York City. Boggsville is a floating hotel and theater built in the Neutrino tradition, that is, fashioned out of abandoned and re-claimed boats from the marina. Five of the vessels are leisure fishing crafts from the 70’s and early 80’s, ranging from 28 to 35 feet long. Another is a 70’s drifter houseboat remodeled into a rustic penthouse. The boats are all moored around a floating platform in the middle of a small bay.

Even though the hotels are all sold out, there will be a movie or lecture themed on the water screened on the floating platform. Hotel-goers and boaters from the area are welcome to pull up alongside the platform and view the entertainment.

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