At this point, we consider ourselves veterans and regulars at Blood Manor. The good news for you is that we can gauge how the team at Blood Manor has done compared to previous years. Lucky for you and a testament to the team located at 163 Varick Street, you are in for a real SCARE this year!

We were invited to the press party (in your face!) before the Season Opener on October 2nd.  It could have been the free booze (thank you Blood Manor and SOBs!) but we were scared!  On the way in, we had a chance to speak to Jim Faro, co-owner of Blood Manor.  Since we’re lofty veterans at this point, Jim reminded us that he’s been creating haunted houses since he was a kid in Queens.  He would transform his home into a full blown scare fest!

I’m sure the makeshift house was interesting and nostalgia but there’s no way it could compare to the 5,000 square feet of terror!

Although they let us take photos and we’re sharing them with you, it does no justice to what the experience is! Towards the end of the attraction, the terror becomes even more realistic when 3D glasses are placed on you by a zombie and you enter a whole new world.

Some rooms to highlight include the vortex laser tunnel, crazy experimental doctors (and patients), butcher, and of course the zombie strippers (tips encouraged)!

It’s never less than an impressive experience and the team keeps changing it to make it better. In fact, this year Blood Manor has a timed entry system so you don’t have to deal with insane lines. There’s a lot of work that goes into this project. Blood Manor has the space all year round to prepare for this event! Well worth your time and you won’t have to wait!

Already looking forward to going back!