Spring brings many things that bring us lots of joy. Obviously the weather, baseball season, March Madness and for us New Yorkers, the New York International Auto Show!

With over 950,000 square feet of new cars, concept cars and anything awesome, it’s not an event to miss!

Just like every year, we’ll be there. On top of our list for 2015 will be the debut of the new Porsche Boxster Spyder. Jeep seems to be the show’s darling every year so make sure you check them out as well.  Don’t forget all of the 2015 debuts (hint, hint below)

Whether you’re into supercars, shopping for the next minivan for your family or want to up your friends on Instagram, this is an event for everyone and anyone! As the competitive heats up amongst the auto industry, we benefit! The various companies are stepping up their gamer produce models with sleeker designs, cutting-edge technology, superior performance and improved fuel efficiency. Sounds like a win for us! And, the best part is, it’s all on display in one (massive) place!

We should also mention that it is one of the less expensive events around town. Where else can you spend $20 and have a full day of entertainment? You’ll also get a full days’ worth of exercise covering those 950,000 square feet!

The show runs from Friday, April 3rd to Sunday, April 12th so you have plenty of time to get over to the west side.

Look out for our staff; we’ll be the ones drooling over the Ferraris and Bugatti’s.