All of us at New York Events have become Pitmaster experts. Through attending events and hosting tons of summer BBQ’s, we know our meats. As a result, the Big Apple BBQ is always one of the first events circled on our calendar. It has been happening for the last 15 years and from what we can tell, it gets better and better every year. Not to mention, the size and attendance seem to increase in epic proportions.

The 2017 installment totally crushed it. The weather more than cooperated and we left with meat sweats (in a good way). There were three Pitmasters who have been here since the beginning: 17th St. BBQ, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q and Blue Smoke. We hit up all of the ol G’s to pay our respects. We wrapped up this mini tour with a pulled pork sandwich with spicy mustard coleslaw from Alabama’s Chris Lilly from Big Bob Gibson’s. Oh and we also had to review the first ever sides stand hosted by Root & Bone where they served up Corn and Watermelon except not what you’re thinking. The Corn on cob had cornbread butter and popped corn while the watermelon was serviced with watermelon radish and pickled watermelon rind. Yum! This didn’t quite put us in a food coma so we checked out first timer Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q from HOTLanta (with the Falcons flag to prove it). Jonathan Fox & Justin Fox served up brisket, jalapeño-cheddar sausage with some potato salad. This did us in…for Saturday.

Did you think we would not attend both days? Please. On day 2 we checked out Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q where Nick Pihakis served up one of the best sausage experiences we ever had. Smoked pork hot links with pimento cheese; check out the instructions in the photo below. We then walked over to Skylight Inn / Sam Jones BBQ from North Carolina where they did an Eastern NC whole hog sandwich with sweet slaw. We asked for the sauces to which they applied them and told us to get ready for ‘an explosion in our mouth’. That is exactly what happened!  After several delicious beers and Knob Creek specials, we went to Garry Roark & Leslie Roark Scott’s Ubon’s Barbeque for some Mississippi chicken wings and Sausage with bloody mary cucumber salad…you know, to change things up. Lets just say its worth travelling to Mississippi on Sunday for football wings!

The day was filled with great sights and sounds. We even included a clip from Sunday for you to hear the awesome bass. It was a weekend we won’t forget and already counting down to the 16th annual! In the meantime, we may or may not be planning a road trip.