Korean Food Fair: Plaza Hotel

Korean Food Fair: Plaza Hotel


The first annual Korean Food Fair kicked off on October 19 and ended on October 20 and we were part of this exquisite experience.

 The day before is an invite-only preview landing us at the Terrace Ballroom located in the famous Plaza Hotel. After a quick mingling session, we gather into the main Ballroom for a beautiful opening ceremony featuring music, virtual history of Korea, immediately followed by a luncheon hosted by Kim Jae Soo, President and CEO of Korean Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation. The panel also includes top chefs: Shin Kim and Phillip Lee of New York-based food truck Kimchi Taco Truck. During this time, the chefs discuss the rise in popularity of Korean cuisine.

The menu includes traditional Korean dishes such as bite-size Kimchi pancakes, creative combinations of Bulgogi, and Bibimbap just to name a few and ends with an array of delicious desserts and tea.

As we conclude the brief interruption to the daily afternoon grind, we look forward to a two-day follow-up free event on the weekend at Times Square.

The New York Korean Marching Band, a jazz performance by Yanghyung Soul Factory, and a K-Pop cover dance performance by the award-winning I Love Dance fires up the energy in the middle of Manhattan.

Twenty-eight vendors later with an endless smorgasbord of delights incorporating ginseng tea, and including Kimchi, Soju, Aloe Vera, roasted and seasoned seaweed, honey jujube, rice wine, and rice cakes absolutely hit the right spot.

This event was outstanding and it brought a few lessons of a different culture to light, in addition to health benefits of the Korean cuisine – and we can only anticipate for more.
By: Laura Artis
T: @Lauraslifeonink.