A beautiful and graciously warm Tuesday is spent at the Julliard – School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. As we enter through the epic lobby, guests are dressed up in chic and festive attire.  Everyone checks in and then the cocktail hour begins. We mingle with one another while sampling mouth watering appetizers, chit-chatting and anticipating the upcoming show. Members, dancers, and high profiled attendees make this scene worth indulging.

Warning lights flash signaling it’s time to migrate into the Peter Jay Sharp Theater. While awaiting for the show to begin, I spot James Lipton- host of “Insider the Actor’s Studio.”  Could it be? Yes indeed it is, however, in lieu of embarrassing him, the better decision was to remain in my seat as I nudged and whispered about the encounter with my guest. Moments later, the curtains open and the performance begins.

The dancers appear from each side of the stage syncing with the harmonious symphony down below the stage. The music is upbeat, fun, joyful, entertaining, jovial, and all around a great delight tantalizing the senses to crave more.

We break for the first intermission and return for the second half which is more electrifying and engaging than the first. The best part about these type of programs is that it is a great way to increase awareness and appreciation for the Arts.

 The Workshop Performance Benefit is the grand finale of events culminating and celebrating the summer intensive workshops held prior to the Benefit by the participating students.

After this amazing show, about 500 patrons join the faculty and students for dinner and dancing shortly thereafter. This year, the total amount raised was $820,000 for scholarships and the continuum of school programs. If you are a Ballet enthusiast and or enjoy great charity events, mark your calendar for the School of Ballet’s future performances; I promise they will deliver a great time.

 By: Laura M. Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink