2014 Big Chill

Summer -(N): A period of hot, usually sunny weather between the months of June – August (courtesy of dictionary.com).

Since we now have the definition, and while the temperature in NYC is gradually heating up and simultaneously teasing us with more to come, June 23 was the best time to head downtown – no further than the Meatpacking Industry and SOHO put together – how about for argument sake, let’s call this place Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our adventures begin at the very famous and coolest (1st hint) place ever – the Brooklyn Brewery. This is the setting for the 2014 Big Chill presented by Edible Manhattan – and trust us it was the perfect way to cool (2nd hint) off from the day.

Granted, after Mother Nature unleashed her revenge and wrath this past Winter, we are certain the last thing on our minds is thinking about anything associated with the cold – but we took on this event like the champions that we are.

After checking in and grabbing a free brewskie – the Brooklyn Summer Ale to be exact – it was time to join in the party.

This is how it works: pick any table left or right, it doesn’t matter which one, because it’s family style seating.

Either way this was the appropriate setting because it encouraged people to mingle while sharing the scrumptious delights served on carving boards.

The menu included and was not limited to: Cold borscht shots with pickled beets, green cabbage and horseradish crème fraîche, Chicken liver terrine with ver jus gelée and tart pickles, open face Gravlax with gribiche sauce on Russian black bread, perfectly and lightly seasoned Zucchini resting on smooth Ricotta, side of oil poached leeks with mustard vinaigrette, tomato and wax bean salad, Smoked Salmon served on top of delicious cream cheese, and Ice cream macaroon sandwiches.


Oh and let’s not forget the unlimited serving of really good barley pop – aka beer and other types of food. If you don’t believe how much fun we had, let the pictures below speak for themselves. We hope this will motivate you to attend and chillax with us next year.

By: Laura Artis

Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink