There are a million reasons (and counting) why we look forward to spending Sundays in New York – especially in January -and Global Fest is one of them. As if last year did not pack in tons of entertainment- 2014 just got better and it was a perfect ending to a long day.

In case the visit to Webster Hall still remains as part of the bucket list for most, perhaps consider attending this event in the future and you will see why. The night starts around 7PM as the first performance takes the stage in the famous Webster Hall Studio located in the basement of the venue.

By the way, three floors is more than enough to handle everything- that being said, let’s proceed.

Brushy One-String making his New York debut from Jamaica, jams the space and amazes everyone by introducing us to great talent while playing an entire set with his one-string guitar – hence his name. Absolutely amazing!

As he winds down we sneak into the Marlin Room and for a few minutes and catch the Como Mamas. We make our way into the main Ballroom just in time as Bombay Royale takes the stage.

Since we didn’t know what to expect, just imagine a band dressed up in masks, the leader as a captain and add in two amazing singers crossing cultures between India and Australia. Yes, we can agree this is indeed technicolor Bollywood pop. Take rock n’ roll, fuse it with Indian music and incorporate saxophones, trombones, a sitar, and flutes – absolute and awesome musical magic.

As the final set jolts our spirit to another level we ping-pong between floors to catch The Wu-Force featuring Abigail Washburn, Kai Welch and Wu Fei as they combine music from Tennessee and China – wow!

We return to the Ballroom and watch Dakhabrakha from Ukraine and it seems just as we pick our favorites there are always more performances that replace the other as Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta (Arizona) and Hassan Hakmoun from Morocco/NY made the list as well.
FanFare Ciocarlia – a Romanian brass band prepares us for the next and final performer -Baloji from Congo and his Belgium band in the main room.

Upon arrival he sets the mood in high gear – dust off your dancing shoes, wipe the sweat off and get ready to continue feeling good. If you can incorporate rap in French, with saxophones, a piano and guitars playing in the background and make it sound phenomenal – then my friend- this is indeed music to the ears.

Baloji highlights the definition of Global-Fest – which is to bring people together and we would like to say: mission accomplished. We want to thank you for giving us the best five hours of international love and helping us forget the minutiae of reality that tries to tear down the spirit in the real world. This was completed by opening our eyes to a phenomenal musical experience – and as always, we can’t wait for next year.

By: Laura Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink