“Live your life, live your life, let the love inside. It’s your life, it’s your life, your beauty’s deep inside – inside you. Don’t let them bring you down,” (Chris Brown, 2011).What a perfect song to kick off the 2014 NYC Pride Week. One of the most highly anticipated events that accumulates incredible attention visitors, worldwide. That said, since your writer attended Pride last year and had so much fun, it seemed right to do it again in 2014.This year’s theme was “we are one,” and you know what? Yes, we are. Since NYC legalized same sex marriage a couple of years ago, things are becoming much easier for the struggle in equal rights, this year’s Pride Week was all about celebration- and let’s just say we couldn’t get enough from June 24-29th.Family night was the beginning followed by the Rally on June 27th, and Click Fridays. June 28th was a treat for everyone- VIP Rooftop for the fellas and the Teaze for the ladies – oh yeah and let’s not forget the We Party event happening, as well.

The next and last day was June 29th and it was a barrel full of great things simultaneously occurring including Pride Fest, the March and of course the finale, dance on the Pier.

This year’s Grand Marshals were: Laverne Cox, Rea Carey, and Jonathan Groff. If you missed it– so sad to hear, however, here are some refresher images for your enjoyment.

A few hours later spent walking down Fifth avenue all the way downtown, it was time to head down to Pier 26, at Hudson River Park for the final show.Similar to last year, the weather was perfect, everyone’s spirit was in sync and it was awesome. In 2013, Deborah Cox headlined for Cher and this year Demi Lovato gave a great performance after DJ Grind warmed up the crowd.Still hungry for images? Check these out from Demi’s performance. Is envy and/or any regret of not attending hitting you yet?
In conclusion, it was beyond great to be part of this event yet again. It’s hard enough as human beings traveling through this world trying to figure out who we are as individuals as we dive into this convoluted expedition called life – all with out an instruction manual, by the way.The only thing we should be chasing is pure freedom in finding internal happiness to be who we are – whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender and love is another example of true fulfillment. It’s all about connecting and accepting diversity, regardless of your gender and/or race preference – because, we are one – and this is the true meaning of pride. On that note, we will see you next year.
By: Laura Artis
Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink