This year’s Holiday Spirits event was filled with great music, fun, entertainment and spirits (duh!). The party was hosted by the Village Voice and included live DJs and entertainment provided on the decks of Hornblower cruise ship. As usual,  the event was filled with tons of different spirit vendors and allowed each guest to get an idea of what others were doing in the upcoming year. It allowed for the distilleries, breweries and wineries to network  and create new working relationships (and catch a mean buzz).

The cocktail cruise was a time where everyone could sample, taste and get silly with each other’s cocktails while cruising around the city just before the holiday season.   Yes, it’s the fall and no the weather was not nice.  However,  the night was AWESOME!  The party had Asian fusion catering along with pasta and barbecue.  All guests were presented with a souvenir sampling glass that allowed them to enjoy all of the unlimited sampling that they wanted (for better or worse). The entertainment was provided by DJ Tim Martell who kept the party going all night long with his sets that have been featured as opening acts for many different artists.

Sponsors included Whole Foods Market, Puerto Rico Tourism, and Hot 97. While part of the proceeds of the party were intended to go toward an HIV foundation, the party was not set up like your typical charity event. The party was a fun and relaxed event that allowed all of the different vendors the opportunity to sample and provide samples of some great new ideas within the beverage industry. All of the vendors had opportunities to show off what is going to be new in the coming year and get a sample for some of the hottest new ideas for the coming 2016 year.


All in all, we can’t wait to try everything!  Again!