With events finally coming back online at a regular clip, we can start to look forward to some of the culture that thrives in our city. While you can always grab a cuisine from your country of the moment on any given corner in our town, there is something about a real event. And now, we can finally get back to some of that. This week, we celebrate the opening of the New York Greek Film Expo!

The Expo lineup of 12 films features something for everyone–from compelling dramas to amusing comedies to moving documentaries. And for the first time ever, we’ll be in four theaters in the NY metro area: Manhattan, Astoria, Brooklyn, and Westchester.   Andreas Konstantinou, one of Greece’s biggest film stars, is honorary host of this year’s Expo and is expected to attend several of the Manhattan screenings.

The Hellenic Film Society USA solicits films and welcomes unsolicited entries by Greek filmmakers and those of Greek descent. In the selection process, priority is given to films in the Greek language. Sponsors and advertisers are not involved in film selection, nor are they responsible in any way for the films that are chosen for screening. Final selections are made by the Director of HFSUSA, taking into consideration the recommendations of Board members.

This is a big deal for the Greek community and an even bigger one for the guests of the film expo! There are many films to check out, but we’ll provide a snippet of one of the most anticipated films this year. 18 takes place in a working-class neighborhood of Athens, amid the economic crisis, the resurgence of fascism and Covid-19, a racist group of 18-year-old students persecute immigrants, gays, and anyone who is just different. A classmate who does not hide his disdain for their action, quickly becomes their target in this powerful coming-of-age drama.

For more films, tickets and information, visit hellenicfilmusa.org.