If you are looking for a fun way to ring in this year’s 4th of July festivities in NYC, you are in luck. The city has dozens of different options available, all depending on what exactly you are looking to do. While it is always best to look around town and see what all there is to do, this is a small sampling of the available options you do have access to.

Fourth of July Pig Roast:
Located at the Iron Horse, 32 Cliff St, this is a free event designed to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. So, whether you want to just enjoy the free burgers, dogs and pig roast or test your skills at some of the available games, this is an excellent way to spend the holiday.

Fourth of July Fireworks:
If you are looking for the best fireworks in the city, head out to Pier 40 to watch the fireworks show there. There really is nothing better than fireworks shooting off around the Statue of Liberty. Just make sure to show up early as it is going to be busy.

Sky Room:
Looking for something a bit more sophisticated for the veining? Check out the Sky Room at 330 W 40th St. This is perfect if you just want a cool location to relax with a cocktail, yet still have open air access to the bar. It is difficult to find a better spot to relax and have a nice drink outside in New York.