With the Annual lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center on the horizon, Midtown West becomes a swarm of people from everywhere. It’s not just the lighting of the tree but the shopping, restaurants, drinking, shows, etc. It’s consumerism at its best.

The fiesta starts around Thanksgiving and goes til the early part of the new year (or whenever people’s credit cards get maxed out). Some would look at Midtown West during this time and laugh at the idea of our country recovering from a recession. Seriously, the amount of people spending money is insane!

Having said that, we still think that a quick walk through (bumping and pushing through crowds) is something very special and very unique to NYC.

Walking down Fifth Avenue, checking out the windows, hearing accents from all over the world, eating peanuts off the street, maybe some chestnuts and checking out the tree. What better way to get into the spirit?!

Still have some more energy? Walk down to the Plaza at the start of the park to see the decorations at Bergdorf, the line at Apple and all the decorated high end stores.

It’s a special time, no doubt. Use it to get in the Holiday Spirit and thank New York!