With what appears to be an end in sight as it relates to the pandemic and the restrictions that have kept us home for too long, a light is starting to flicker at the end of this dark, dark tunnel. Events have begun to come back, venues are back open, and we can finally watch a film and treat it as the event that it is. Yes, streaming is convenient, and we love having the ability to walk from our home office to our catch to catch a new release, but the experience is not even close to the event of heading to the theater.  The smell of the popcorn, the energy of the people in the room and visual and sounds that you cannot get at home has us very excited for the New York Greek Film Expo brought to you by the Hellenic Film Society.

The Hellenic Film Society USA is dedicated to promoting Greek cinema throughout the United States. Their mission is to share the richness of Greek films with a wider American audience, to showcase Greek movies, and to preserve the film heritage of Greece.  Why are we telling such a broad audience (you) about this event? Well, the fabric of our country and especially New York City is made up of cultures from all over the world. The Greek culture is just one of many that shapes our city and how we live on a day to day basis.  The films being presented represent the best of what Greek filmmakers have created over the past two years, including two films and a short subject written and directed by women. “We take film selection very seriously,” said Jimmy DeMetro.  “We try to select the most interesting of the films that are available to us, keeping in mind the need to create a slate of films ranging from the commercial to the artistic so that every viewer will find something to enjoy.”

The Hellenic Film Society USA is proud to present the New York Greek Film Expo 2021, October 1-10, in theaters, where film festivals belong! As the preeminent Greek film festival in New York City, they are thrilled to be back and so are we!

For more information and tickets, visit hellenicfilmusa.org.