There are plenty of events and things to see as we wander the streets of our city. It’s what makes New York amazing. From the street vendors to street food, there is a ton of interesting things to see and do around our streets. From the different looking people to the food we try for the first time, New York City has a ton to offer us on a day to day basis.  While the days are great, the nights have even more to offer sometimes. How about a market? Yes, a market you would typically stroll across on a lazy weekend in the spring or summer comes to life at night – a night market! Now, what if we told you that it was a Latin Night Market?! Does that sound like a party to you? We’re here to tell you that it’s a total party!

The Latin Night Market is a revolutionary event dedicated to the cuisine and culture of the Latin diaspora, celebrated its inception with an astounding turnout of almost 20,000 fans in the renowned Dyckman area. Located in the heart of this vibrant community, the market showcases the best of what the rich South and Central American cultures have to offer. With a carefully curated lineup of 50 vendors offering a diverse array of Latin flavors and a musical lineup second to none, the Latin Night Market has quickly become the most anticipated series of 2024 and a true trailblazer in the culinary and cultural scene. This immersive experience not only tantalizes the taste buds but also celebrates the vibrant traditions and rhythms of Latin America, creating a unique space where the community comes together to revel in the richness of their shared heritage. The Latin Night Market is more than an event; it’s a celebration of diversity, community, and the vibrant tapestry of Latin culture.

It all goes down on Friday, May 17 Starting 4 pm at 238-224 Dyckman Street (Quisqueya Plaza). For more information, visit