One of the oldest forms of entertainment is still enjoyed today. Trickery, foolery, and sleight of hand. While it’s packaged and presented in a way that doesn’t need to be on stage anymore, the idea is the same. Tricking your audience and showing them ‘magic’!

We all know it isn’t real and some of us even try to play it cool like it’s no big deal but when that magician comes and makes something appear, disappear or ‘reads our minds’ right in front of us, we’re always amazed. It’s an art form; a trade that requires tons of practice and preparation just like any other performer.

A good magician will match any show in our opinion and we think that it should be celebrated. For this reason, we love New York’s longest-running off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic. The program runs every Monday (we know, some of your weekends are LONG and you need a break) and showcases some of the finest stage magicians performing mind-boggling illusions and head-scratching sleight of hand in an intimate theatrical setting.

One of our favorite things to talk about on here are interesting venues and ‘joints’ to eat, watch shows, hang and check out. The Players Theatre does all of that!

Each show features at least five renowned illusionists, many of them featured on TV shows like Good Morning America, The Early Show and Today. The fun even spills off of the stage and into intermission, as magicians mingle with guests in the Close-Up Gallery and the theater.

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