The Village Voice has outdone themselves! They nailed the party in Queens last year and took it to the Hudson in 2014! When we say the Hudson, we literally mean on the Hudson! The Hornblower Infinity Cruise Ship provided the means.

The ship’s staff was fabulous and our captain gave us a smooth ride right up to the Statue of Liberty which provided wonderful views and opportunities for us to step outside and snap rare photos of November outside the Statue!

Food was plentiful for this event and for good reason. We needed a base and extra coats along the way to test out all the delicious cocktails, moonshines and white whiskeys!

One of the neat things at the event this year was the Rum Time Bar on the Mid Deck where Rums of Puerto Rico began their 450 Years of Party campaign.

Other specialty bars onboard included an Asahi Beer Bar located on the Main Deck (which had awesome swag btw) and the Slow & Low Lounge located on the Top Deck featuring signature cocktails all evening. If you remember, we couldn’t stop raving about Slow & Low after Brooklyn Pour!

We learned a ton, ate a ridiculous amount of delicious food (not to mention the awesome desserts!), and mixed more types of liquor than we should have. Having said that, we feel awful today but don’t regret a thing.

Thank you, Village Voice, for another wonderful event!