We often forget that we live in a larger state that spans far beyond our island and the boroughs that surround us. For periods of time during the year we remember the beaches and mountains that our great state has to offer but for the most part, we are with the other 8 million people in our city.  And, for good reason. Everything seems to come to us!  Whether that’s food from across the world, produce from out west or cider from up north!

When we say, ‘up north’, we are talking about upstate. That is in New York. Aside from driving through to go skiing, the New York Hudson Valley has an excellent cider market and acts as the linchpin in a chain of positive social, environmental, economic and community benefits.  Now, how does that affect you? Well, you get to celebrate, and you don’t have to leave! It’s a festival and it’s coming to you! Heck, where else would you showcase your product and skills?

The Cider Week festival connects cider makers from New York’s Hudson Valley to buyers from top restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the Hudson Valley region and in New York City, through staff education and tastings; these trade professionals in turn used their platforms to share cider with their guests and shoppers at cider-centric tastings, dinners, classes and more. Additionally, cider makers welcome enthusiasts to visit their Hudson Valley farms and cideries, offering tasting room events and orchard tours.

Apples can be an event in itself depending on what you’re in to. As you know, there are many types of apples including McIntosh, Granny Smith and more but the best variation of everyone’s favorite fruit is the fermented kind. Yes, all we do think about is catching a buzz! And for a week, you can guzzle barrels of the good stuff at more than 30 bars and restaurants in NYC and indulge in free tastings, events and workshops at popular drinking establishments.

The festival is a production of the New York Cider Association and is intended to cultivate an appreciation for New York’s orchard-based cider by showcasing its diversity, food-friendliness, and excellent quality.  We are the BIG APPLE after-all!

For more information, visit ciderweeknyc.com!