We all know that every day is Mother’s Day, and we always appreciate everything that she does. However, this is the time when we show it just a little more. Yes, it may be a Hallmark Holiday, but doesn’t she deserve it? The answer is yes! So, with the day coming up this weekend, what do you have planned? We sure hope its something special. Getting Mom tattooed on your arm is pretty special but if you’re not up for that, we can offer some recommendations.

The date is Sunday, May 8th and Mother’s Day in New York City offers a ton of choices for every budget and interest. Appreciation comes in all shapes and sizes so don’t be scared of a price or use it to make excuses! Choose from special Brunches and Dinners, cocktails, and open bars, shows for Mother’s Day, tons of special Manhattan Boat Cruises, Movie & TV Tours, Yankees, Broadway, private movie screenings and so much more. This is New York City and there is no shortage of stuff for Mom!

You can order a beautiful bouquet of flowers online and have it delivered to your Mother. Although flowers can be quite expensive in New York, you’ll have a great surprise for your mother on Mother’s Day. Add to the surprise and aroma with a visit to Central Park to take a lovely walk on The Mall or book a carriage ride. This can even be a free activity, and no one is complaining about a day in the world’s greatest park! If you want to buy your Mom a present that she can enjoy right away, consider booking her in for a manicure, massage or facial at one of the beauty salons around town. Make sure you book your appointment in advance because these salons can be quite busy on Mother’s Day.

The point is, whatever you do, make her feel special.