All forms of music are portals of sharing our lives and matters of the heart with the world. We use music to celebrate moments of this wonderful gift called life; and regardless of the source via instruments or singing, music is a source that motivates, enlightens, and entertains the soul and mind. Additionally, it highlights a new perspective on life experienced through another person’s craft and this is what Marcus Goldhaber does best. An actor turned singer, Marcus ignites a fresher, upbeat, and different vibration to your traditional jazz genre and describes performing like a perfect marriage. A week prior to his third CD release: Almost Love and performance, I had the pleasure to speak with Marcus. In our conversation, he shares his life, love, and attraction to his profession as a vocalist and a storyteller in lieu of a performer, which defines his contribution to humanity and his existence.

Marcus reconnects with his past to celebrate his inspiration when his mother, a lover of history, played tunes on the piano and his grandparents surrounded him with an abundance of additional musical exposure. Moreover, he puts a rare and unique twist by highlighting the stages and moments experienced in the interim of relationships through his clever and well thought out lyrics that summoned internal peaks of interest to dig deeper. Almost Love defines the anxiety, excitement, moments of uncertainty of preparation, and anticipation prior to his performances. It is the melodious and emotional roller-coaster in which he explains is the connection of the current mood to the moment he steps onto the stage.

As we fast-forward to the event at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, the band sets up on stage, and moments later a spotlight in the middle of the floor, Marcus commences the show by singing a few notes and immediately seduces the crowd with his charm and strong vocals. He takes center stage and immediately, it feels like as if we are transported to another world, and New York takes the backseat light years away. Marcus embraces the world that exists between the minutiae of falling in love with songs like “What if,”  “Last night I found a Melody,” and a personal favorite “Let’s be foolish together.”A ballad that reminds us of the innocence of falling in love and proclaims it is okay to sing and dance in the rain, it is okay to let loose and be free and go with the flow without subscribing to the madness in between. It is a great feeling to be around another free spirit who is not afraid to take risks, fall in love, and if the union disconnects, have the courage to deliver your heart to the Universe for one more chance.

By: Laura M. Artis