You live here and you drink here. Gone are the days where the options are Buds and Bud Heavy. We have been in a new world and the flavors are so much better.  We know this. What you may not know if that we take a week to celebrate the fact that we now have beer choices beyond what our parents could ever imagine!

This week, turn your beer world upside down as American Craft Beer Week kicks off and runs through May 22nd. This is your chance to drink outside your comfort zone. Try special beers. Flip your brew-tine. Celebrate the creativity of small and independent breweries that have turned the beer world on its ear. Anything goes. Everything flows. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the week and holiday. Check out to use their Brewery Finder to locate a brewpub or taproom near you. Stay for a pint or grab and go! You also probably didn’t realize or know that most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery.  So, there is no excuse!

Being that we’re a New York based organization, it is our responsibility to tell you about something no other city could offer with a beer that comes from New York and is female-owned!  Talea Beer Co. has opened an outdoor pop-up brewery next to Grand Central and what better week to celebrate its opening!

The pop-up is steps away from Grand Central, home to the subway and Metro North, and features covered outdoor patio seating. There is plenty of seating at its large bar; walk-in guests are welcome. Make it your destination or hit it before heading home. Either way, this is your week to do it!

The beers on tap include Sun Up Hazy IPA, Double Date Hazy DIPA, Power Couple Hazy DIPA, Tropicberry Sour IPA, and Weekender Lager. While the team hopes to expand the food menu in the near future, as of now only popcorn is offered.

We’re pretty excited for this and its sure to be an event every time you visit. For more information, visit