As New Yorkers, we spend most of our days on an island trying to get into every nook and cranny. Whether that means the best new restaurant, a hidden joint or even a show to check out, there is so much to do around this town.  In this piece we’re focused on the borough of Manhattan.  However, we’re not necessarily talking about an area or a neighborhood you probably focus your time on.  We love summer for all of the outdoor activities Manhattan has to offer. Whether it be a day in the park, a swim in one of the many pools around town or even some outdoor drinks, we love to be outdoors. For us, one of our favorite things to do with the nice weather is check out the great rooftops our city has to offer. While they all have a view that we don’t have in our apartments, there is a view that we rarely get to see in the borough of Manhattan. The reason we don’t get to see that view is because we’re on the island! What if we told you that you can see the city in Manhattan but off the island? Impossible, right? No!

The view is on Manhattan but on a different island. The island that we’re referring to is Roosevelt Island. Yes, that is in the borough of Manhattan. Roosevelt Island, the former home to New York City’s smallpox hospital and insane asylum, has its first-ever rooftop bar and lounge open to the public. The Panorama Room is located atop on the 18th floor of the Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel. It’s their rooftop bar and lounge which boats a breathtaking 360-degree views of New York. The views are really unmatched are you look AT the city! For us, this is probably the best view of any rooftop lounge around our city. Take that to the bank!  Take a subway, take a cab, or even take the Tram and get started on the view early! Roosevelt Island is where to be for rooftop season!

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