When it comes to planning an event, one of the first steps is determining the date. Often, the concept, theme and guest list are already known and figuring out the best time to host an event is the challenge. Many considerations are made when determining the date for your event including travel, work schedules and conflicting events. A factor that you may also wish to consider are industry events that impact the city and the overall vibe of our streets. While that is difficult, there are plenty of international events that alter the sensation of the city for a period. In the post-Labor Day summer days, that is Fall Fashion Week. This year, New York Fall Fashion Week takes place from September 6th through the 14th. The event brings people from all over the world to our island and changes the look and feel of our town.

During this period, our streets have more supermodels, designers, and celebrities than usual and the nightlife is kicked up a notch. The restaurants up their game and the people are ready to party. There will be loads of pop ups, shows and functions happening all over our city. Why not leverage that for your event?

It may be late to set your date (unless you’re popping up) but it’s something to keep in mind when planning your next event. Hosting an event while New York Fashion Week is happening gives you a lot of the elements you try to plan for when bringing people to town. Further, you may piggyback on some of the events already taking place to entice your invited guests or give them more than another host would (or at least it seems so). It could be the neighborhood, the venue or co-host with another sponsor; the idea is to make it special for your people.

The goal is not to trick your guests but enhance their experience. While it may be a challenge to secure a venue during this period, you have us. New York Events is always happy to help and will surely add value and assist with an agenda that your invitees cannot say no to. Give us a call and let’s do Fashion Week. Your way!