Let’s just start off by me telling you that I am in a love affair with this theater. Just like a parent protecting their children, I get offended and upset when someone bashes my theatre. I just checked Yelp and ‘Cool N.’ wrote “This is a horrific theater. The film selection is wonderful. The seats are old and lumpy. The sight lines are absurd the seats are not banked. The theater smells moldy. The sound quality is bad. You can hear the other theaters and hear and feel the subway underneath. They take advantage of being the only game in town.”

I find Cool N.’s comments offensive and untrue. First off, they are not the only game in town. Second, I feel like it’s where professionals go to watch movies. I don’t think they ever claim to have the best seats or the best sightlines. A deaf person can tell you they do not have the best sound quality. Yes, it’s old and rickety but it’s a blast to the past and an absolute treat to be there.

Recently, I brought a newbie to see Woody Allen’s new film, Magic in the Moonlight, and just as cool as the Angelika experience was experiencing it through someone else’s eyes. We got off the N train and walked through trendy SoHo and check out everything it has to offer.  It’s funny because after walking through the trendy neighborhood with some of the highest rents in NYC, we wind up in this old theater with a snack bar that you would find in a bakery and not being able to go down to the theater until we’re called. In my opinion, it’s the right way to watch a movie. You don’t see people texting, you don’t hear chatter, and most watch the credits. Tell me the last time you experienced that in a multiplex!

So, Cool N., have your stadium seating, top sound quality, and teenager’s texting during the entire movie. I’ll stick with the true…Uncomfortable seats, small screen and interesting moviegoers that I always learn something new from.