We as a society have a fascination with some odd things and people. Like Ninjas. Why has everyone become so into Ninjas and being a Ninja? In fact, we remember receiving a letter from someone with a title signed ‘Chief Ninja’. To each their own.

Our favorite character is a pirate. We must have dressed as one for Halloween at least 3 times. No, seriously. In fact, we even have pirate parties here in the office. Okay, that was a joke.

Pirates are real cool and we’re always interested to be involved with them at any chance. We were especially excited to learn about The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told at The Snapple Theater Center.

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told is Off Broadway’s improvised, interactive, musical pirate adventure filled with boatloads of laugh-out-loud moments for both kids and grown-ups!

It’s an interactive show where the cast loses their script in a tragic squid ink accident so YOU need to get involved! Think madlibs with pirates. Pretty awesome, we know.

We have special pricing available for you; just use the code BBOX for $35 tickets and visit this link.

One, more time for good measure: aaaaaaaaaaaarrrghh!!!