April showers, what?!  We’re in June and supposed to be way past this type of weather.  If you’re not into being splashed by buses driving too close to the curb (or you standing too close to the curb) and over dreary grey skies and people’s attitudes that come with this weather, join our club!  While we haven’t officially formed, we are hating on this weather as it impacts our fun time.  Not so fast.

We had to pinch ourselves to make the office stop complaining.  It’s just water and it’s just dreary.  That doesn’t mean the greatest city in the world shuts down.  In fact, it gives us an opportunity to do not so summer activities in the summer.  We don’t have to feel guilty about not enjoying the ‘nice weather’ and can do things like see the Entourage opening night or maybe check out a play and spend some time in the theater.  Heck, maybe we can even make a night at the bar (yes, we definitely do this too often)!  If you’re really grouching it, maybe it’s a good opportunity to catch up (or start) on that summer reading inside your treehouse of an apartment all cozied up to a bottle of something.  Maybe that’s what we’ll do tonight.

The purpose of this piece is to let you know that we’re right there with you and instead of getting grumpy and being Oscar the Grouch’s next door neighbor; we’re seeing the glass half full and making the most of it!  For this, we are having our first ever rain dance office party (cue Pandora One).  You should do the same!  We know what you’re thinking – why didn’t we invite you.  Think of our office as the treehouse of offices.  Yes, that small!  Having said that, don’t forget to mention us in your social media posts so that we can enjoy your party too!