Most of us could not make getting fired look as cool as Brooks Wheelan. If you remember, he made it fairly public on Twitter when he tweeted “I’m totally honored to be able to make this next joke… FIRED FROM NEW YORK IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!”

Leveraging a year’s experience on SNL’s stage, Brooks has had a ton of media attention since the incident. Time, CNN, and The New York Daily News have all done pieces on Mr. Wheelan. He is now parlaying the firing into his next role, Brooks Wheelan Falls Back on Stand-Up Comedy.

The show takes place in Brooklyn (where else) at Union Hall located at 702 Union Street. We may be totally buying the hype but we’re all set and ready to roll with this. Wheelan was great on SNL and Lorne is not the easiest to work for. We support Brooks Wheelan; he paid his dues and is ready to launch.

Regardless of how Wheelan does, we do get to hang at Union Hall. The enormous space in Park Slope is a treat to visit (yes, we schlep from the city to go there). We’re always giddy at the opportunity to play bocce ball and eat beer cheese (seriously, you have to try this stuff). So, go for the comedy (or not) or go for the space. It’s easy to get to; you won’t be disappointed. Visit for more info.

Cheers to bocce! See you tonight!