When the weather begins to warm up and summer is right around the corner, BBQ season seems to just kick off!  There is something about the smell of a grill that is cooking something delicious.  When one eats BBQ, they usually only want one beverage to wash it all down.  That beverage is beer.  So what happens when these two magical forces come together in a ballpark on a (surprisingly) cold spring day?  The Bacon and Beer Classic!  This event is held annually at Citi Field.  Each year we have more and more fun when we attend.  It’s a great way to spend the day; drinking beer and eating items made with the deliciousness that is bacon.

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Plenty of vendors from other years returned for the 2015 event.  Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts was on hand, giving out deliciously moist doughnuts that, of course, contained bacon.  Bespoke Bacon also made an appearance with their bacon goods (it IS in their name, after all).  To wash some of this goodness down, Anchor Brewing Co. and NY’s favorite Brooklyn Brewery were both on hand with some tasty brews.  Gun Hill Brewing Co. made an appearance this year, which made those of us at NY Events quite happy!  They are a fantastic brewery up in the Boogie Down and we cannot stress enough how much we enjoy our time there.

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Pig Guy NYC returned (they DO have their own stand at Citi Field now!).  They were busy serving up bacon s’mores.  Think about that for a second.  Sounds delicious, right?  Sixpoint and Southern Tier were busy making sure those s’mores went down easy with their beers.  Sweet Chili had one of our favorite items of the day: bacon chili.  It was tangy and delicious and still contained the smokiness from the bacon.  Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, Smuttynose, and Bronx Brewery were all shacking up together for the afternoon while serving up their great beers.  Abita stopped by with their tasty brews, which is always appreciated since Abita is produced right outside New Orleans and New Yorkers should be allowed to experience their deliciousness at least once.

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While beer isn’t always for everyone, Original Sin Cider was on hand.  Cider is one of those beverages that gives you a kick of fruitiness while also giving you that buzz you search for while drinking.  F. Ottomanalli Burgers was generous and serving full-size burgers, rather than sliders!  Much appreciated after all the alcohol we were busy consuming.  Sam Adams was on tap with their Rebel IPA.  Even if you’re not an IPA fan, we can almost guarantee you will enjoy this one.

As always, the Bacon and Beer Classic lived up to its name.  It was a “classic” way to spend the afternoon.  Beer, bacon, and a whole lot to see and do!  You should definitely score some tickets next year and spend the day in Queens.  Hopefully, next year will be warmer but when you’re drinking beer?  Well, you warm up, anyway!

Article by: Kristy Rody  (www.quinngoldie.wordpress.com)