If you follow New York Events, then you already know just how much we enjoy bacon and beer.  We don’t hide our obsession and we do not deny it.  That is why we’re so excited that the Bacon and Beer Classic is back on April 25th at Citi Field!  New Yorkers love 3 things: bacon, beer, and baseball.  When you bring all of those together, you get the Bacon and Beer Classic.  There is both a brunch and evening session.  If you’re like us and you like boozy-brunches then hit the Classic from 12PM-3PM.  If the evening is more your style, then head over to Queens from 7PM-10PM.

Bacon and Beer Classic

How do the following breweries and restaurants sound?  Broken Bow, Thirsty Dog, Otter Creek, Smuttynose, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, Sam Adams, Krave, Bamboo Bites, Bill’s, Cool Haus, Route 66, Bacon Bites, Tipsy Scoop, and so many others!  We thought those would get you going.


We’ll see you there!  Cheers!

Article by: Kristy Rody