More than any other city, New York clears out during the weekends in the summer. People flock to local beaches, the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore and other destinations three hours away. Maybe it’s the geographic location, maybe it’s because we all work so hard and need a break…whatever the reason is, the weekends in New York City are DEAD! This is especially evident during the final weekends in August.

People are trying to get the last of it in before September comes. For us, it’s bittersweet…yes, September is probably the best month to be here with the great weather (extended summer) and bustling city because they didn’t run away for their weekend home. The downside is that, well, it’s busy!

Now that the city is fairly empty (except for tourists), we thought it would be a good time to take care of things that are not so easy to do when New York is in full swing.

How about that restaurant reservation you have to book months in advance or eat on a Monday night at 10PM? (i.e. Babbo!) Now with the quietness of the city, you can have any seat you want!

How about a doctor’s appointment? Well, this may not be so true…assuming they’re not on vacation, you should take advantage of an open calendar.

Ever try to find a Citibike but had to go to the ‘next dock’ only to go to the ‘next dock’? How about trying to park your Citibike before the 30 minutes expired but the dock was full? Guess what? It’s an August weekend and you can have any dock you want!

Finally, how about roaming around at your leisure? Sounds silly? You New Yorkers know what we mean…take a walk and enjoy! September is around the corner!