We all know the word and love to sing the song but do you even know what it means?! I was just as guilty as you until I looked it up 2 seconds ago. The word Bamboléo means swaying in Spanish. It’s actually a perfect fit because when I think of the last Gispy Kings concert I went to at Radio City Music Hall that is exactly what I did in the aisles. When I went to my first Gipsy Kings show, I had no idea what to expect. I am not Spanish and don’t even know what the words mean but man, these guys get me in a great mood! Everyone is dressed to drink, dance, and party. The only bad part is all those damn seats in the arena!

Coming from a European background, I can relate to the vibe you can expect at a Gispy Kings performance. The place will be ROCKING! That is why I am counting down the days until September 6th when the Kings return to New York City to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and play The Beacon Theatre. Opening for the Gipsy Kings will be Ole Noys, comprised of Mickael Baliardo, Cosso Baliardo, and Yohan Reyes, sons of the Gipsy Kings Toninno Baliardo and Nicolas Reyes. Ole Noys’ music is a mixture of old gypsy folk songs mixed with the more contemporary sounds of today.

I just ordered my tickets and look forward to dancing in the aisles and celebrating with one of the greatest bands of our time!

Discounted tickets are available here!

Hopefully, you’ll be dancing in the aisles with us!