Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar
69 Deer Park Ave
Babylon NY 11702
Phone: {631} 321-1175
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 4pm-11pm
Website: www.barriquekitchenwinebar.html


Welcome to my favorite hidden treasure; Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar might as well become my home away home. A quick ten-minute drive is the intermediary standing between the anticipated experiences provided by this quaint, cozy, casual, establishment hidden in the crevices of Babylon, New York.

As per the website, Barrique proudly defines its existence from infusing old world French, Spanish, and Italian dialects translating to a small oak barrel used to make wines. This suits the place quite well because it boasts over one hundred-fifty wine variations to fire up the internal spirit. The interior provides an inviting comfort within its rustic wooden serving tables, high beams, eclectic lighting fixtures that promote an exquisite, warm, and intimate dining occasion.  An additional check mark on the list enabling Barrique to rise above the rest is the ample outdoor seating during the warmer months to welcome the sunset and engage in people watching. Perhaps you require a quick fix of distraction during the colder months stop by; sip on Vino or eat and unwind while watching the snow cascade against the French windows.

The tantalizing menu aches to draw you in further with items such as Pan Seared Salmon, Scallops, Crab cakes, Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, just to name a few items cooked to perfection to satisfy your hunger. Additionally, if you are in the mood to indulge in a finger food fetish  select from four different pizzas, the Veal Meatball Slider, the cheese assortment and mini desserts; oh and the best part aside from their wine flight and the friendly staff is the updated chalkboard of daily events including a personal favorite titled “celebrate life.”

By: Laura M.Artis