Carnegie Hall
881 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
{212} 247-7800

Love, the unexplained yet fascinating emotion that we vigorously chase, remains as one motivation to attend Beatrice Di Tenda at Carnegie Hall presented by the Collegiate Chorale.  An event unlike any other, previously premiered in 1883, captures the deep and emotional commitment to that one special person in our hearts and life igniting a fresher perspective on loyalty, and additional convoluted emotions. However, before we dive into the depths of the event, Carnegie Hall is an amazing and historic venue and this is an honor to return. The acoustics are unlike any other and this is why this is the perfect place to view this event.

Beatrice Di Tenda, set in the fifteenth century, highlights the trials and tribulations of the Duke of Milan’s wife falsely accused of infidelity by her scorned lovers’ admirers only to be sentenced to death by her husband. As the synchronized instruments echoed in the background, they helped to increase the intensity of the story. The violins and cellos crescendo to identify anger, drama, and betrayal while the harp, flutes and clarinets decrescendo in a soft melody to display the innocence before the demise of this undying internal devotion.


Additionally, aside from the theatrical approach of classic modern tales of “he said, she said” or capturing revenge because someone broke your heart, this event seduces you to cling onto the edge of your seat while anticipating the next plot to the story. The performers are magnificent and as their voices magnify, the audience experiences the authenticity, passion, and emotional surrender to love.

By: Laura M. Artis