Another year, another round of beer, bourbon, and BBQ all under one roof in NYC.  That venue being La Venue.  It’s not the easiest venue to get to, however, the trip is definitely worth it once you get a whiff of the goodness cooking inside.  This is one of those events that seems to get better each year it goes on.  More vendors, great food, and a ton of booze that is bound to leave you feeling unsure about your well-being once the end of the session rolls around.

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This year seemed to be a bit more booze-based.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a TON of food options, however, the shining star was definitely the selection of bourbon and beer.  Filibuster was on hand giving out samples of their bourbons.  Firefly brought their moonshine to the event (but don’t let it fool you, it tastes so good that you’ll quickly forget it’s moonshine).  A personal favorite of mine, Elijah Craig, was also on hand to make you feel all warm inside on what was a frigid day outside.  A new favorite was Cabin Fever.  I feel as though I should have purchased a bottle seeing as there is a foot of snow outside my door and I’m going to be stuck inside all day.  Redemption is always another welcomed brand at this event.  I was a little iffy when it came to Four Roses.  I wanted so desperately to enjoy it but, sadly, I did not.

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Let’s not forget the brews that visited this year’s event!  PBR was there (of course) if you wanted to wash all the food you were eating down with something you know and already love.  Lancaster introduced a double chocolate milk stout.  Yes, this was good as it sounds.  Badass cider was…Well, badass.  Abita brought back memories of when I visited New Orleans and all I drank for a solid week was their beer (okay, and I drank some water too).  Blue Point represented Long Island by being on-hand with their toasted lager and sour cherry imperial stout.  Original Sin paid a visit with their tasty and refreshing ciders.  Sixpoint delivered Beast Mode, which in theory sounded like an awesome beer to try, but unfortunately it lacked in flavor and I was unable to finish my sample.  Breckenridge had a vanilla porter for us to sample.  I fell in love immediately.  A porter AND vanilla?  Sign me up!  Green Flash is another personal favorite and I was thrilled to see them at the event serving up their stout.

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I did promise we ate while we were here!  Cucina Lugo Vino served up some delicious bourbon and BBQ pork.  Mexicue served up carnitas.  Tres Carnes offered smoked pork belly (who doesn’t love pork belly?).  Blacksauce had one of the best dishes of the day: smoked jowl mac & cheese.  Sometimes all you need is a bowl of mac & cheese to get through a dreary winter day.  Kloby’s had the collard greens that we all so desperately craved!  Now just sit for a minute and imagine us eating all that food and washing it down with all that booze?  The Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ fest is the best cheat day of the year!  You won’t be disappointed.  I mean, you’ll be far too tipsy to be in a bad mood once you’re done.

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