We are living in strange times. It’s probably all that you talk about. The news is exhausting our entire city and without anything else going on, it seems like COVID-19 is the only subject available for our society. Speaking for our team, we miss our lives as they were. While we can’t have it back just yet, we can distract ourselves from what’s happening and indulge in a way that is unique to the situation. Obviously, not ideal but hey, let’s make the best of things.

As you likely know, when they shut down our bars and restaurants, they allowed for takeout and delivery. For food. And booze. There is something special about being able to have a martini delivered through Seamless. It’s like room service, on steroids. Now, what if we kick that up a notch. There are all these great craft breweries that are local to our area and thrilled to serve their patrons. In fact, they’re even happy to deliver to us! Do you catch our drift?  It’s like a brewery tour brought to your home.  Most deliver but some you’ll have to pick up. You need an excuse to get out of the house anyway.

Grimm Taproom, Other Half Brewing, Threes Brewery, Evil Twin Brewery and Rockaway Brewing Co. all offer to-go, pick-up and, in some cases, beer via Caviar and Grubhub, among other delivery services.  It’s a special time to be alive in New York City! If you’re fortunate enough to be quarantining with some friends, family or a significant other, this can add the plans to your calendar that you’re looking for.

In a world with no sports, weekend plans or vacations to look to look forward to, we’ll take what we can get. In our eyes, we’re experimenting and sampling as we gear up for the summer season when we’ll have to be making some purchasing decisions for BBQs! Whatever it takes, right?

Happy quarantining.