At the Big Cheesy and happy to say we’ve survived the first hour! The event will cover two days from 1-7pm. Guests will have one hour to sample grilled cheese from Big Daddy’s, Lucy’s Whey, Little Muenster, Melt Shop, Murray’s Tartinery, & Casellula and delight their taste buds before going into a cheese induced food coma.

Upon entering you’ll receive a ping pong ball to place in a large glass vase to vote for your favorite vendor. Next, stop over and let the rep from Sixpoint Brewery, a sponsor of the event, help you pick out one of four delicious craft beers to complement the sammies you’re about to enjoy. I went with the Righteous Ale, a hoppy tasty treat that was definitely the right choice!

Cheers and let the tasting begin!


Seven restaurants, who to choose? When in doubt, I like to go with something cute, so Little Muenster it is.

I’ve got to say, these people came prepared. They’ve brought soup, beer, and wine to sample with their grilled cheese. I start with the tomato soup which is rich, creamy and on point. The actual sandwich is a mix of Gruyere, Taleggio & Fontina with prosciutto and Membrillo (quince paste) on (seriously good) organic peasant bread. All at once its sweet and savory. The cheeses are so gooey and come together to form one delicious cheesy blend while maintaining their own unique flavors. Just the right amount of prosciutto allows it to hold its own without overpowering the cheese and the Membrillo is a pleasant surprise.  Pair it with some wine or beer and your palette is good to go! Worth mentioning are the sweet folks behind the table in the first fashionable denim aprons I’ve ever seen. 

Check them out at on the web at or stop in at 100 Stanton St, and let me know when you’re going so I can come too! They’ve got vegan and gluten free options available for those of you with sensitive tummies.





Time for round 2 and its on to Big Daddy’s. The table is decked out with balloons, gumballs, and picnic table style tablecloths. I’m immediately excited.

They’re offering up samples of their Grilled (Macaroni) and Cheese with Bacon Surprise. That’s right, mac & cheese in a sandwich! I bite it and what’s not to love? Buttery toast? Good! Mac & Cheese? Good! Bacon? Good! Truffle Oil? So good!  Today, besides just grilled cheese, they’re serving up a side of fun. As they pour a little extra truffle oil on my sandwich, I’m asked “Do you truffle?” The correct answer is: “Everyday I’m trufflin’ trufflin’ trufflin'” (Truffle shuffle not included.)

If the food isn’t enough of an incentive to get you coming back, like and follow them on Facebook & Twitter on your smart phone and get a $5 gift certificate.

If you’re looking for more, check out their website: They’ve got three locations: Upper West Side, 2454 Broadway at 91st St. Upper East Side, 1596 Second Avenue at the corner of 83rd, and Gramercy Park, 239 Park Avenue South btwn 19th & 20th. Don’t forget to truffle!