@ Openhouse Gallery – 201 Mulberry Street

Grilled cheese shops in NYC don’t fair too well. Great grilled cheese sandwiches dot the city, but there’s no grilled cheese culture out there.  Yet there’s a bubbling up of Panini presses in the back of cheese shops, gourmet stacks of truffles and brie sandwiches at white-linen restaurants and a growing fleet of food trucks roving Manhattan. There are even a few young guns, real brick and mortars, trying to cement a rep for slinging nothing but grilled cheese.

We bring together seven of the best grilled cheese posts in the city for The Big Cheesy, a two-day pop up to declare the best sandwich in the city. The Big Cheesy is an ode to the grilled cheese. An homage to fromage we’ve created to celebrate grilled cheese sandwiches. Two days! And then it’s gone. And then it’s back to Subway sandwiches for lunch and overpriced soups and that place around the corner we go to cause it’s fast and it’s cheap.
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