It seems inevitable that your kids kids’ kids will ask that question…’what is a book store?’ They’ll also probably ask ‘what is a music store?’ And even, ‘what is a video store?’

We feel sad knowing that these nostalgic entities are on the way out. Whether we like it or not, the internet (and is killing the mom and pop bookshop. Soon, most people wont even know what a book store smells like!

Today, we read how the law firm Kaye Scholer has moved their offices and abandoned their beautiful 2 floor 10,000 square foot library that looked exactly how you would imagine. They replaced it with 700 linear feet of shelving. Definitely not anywhere near as exciting!

After reading this news, we got real nostalgic and did some digging in our brains and on the internet (how ironic) for the best book stores in New York City.

Check them out before their gone; unlike your ex-girlfriend, they are NOT coming back!