Remember when Astoria used to be the place to go to find no-frills delicious Greek food? That is still the case and so much more! Gone are the days where it was a neighborhood to go to for inexpensive rents compared to Manhattan and ‘only a short ride away from midtown’. This is all still true except for the rent part. It is not so inexpensive to live in Astoria anymore. People figured out how awesome the neighborhood is and the events and venues followed.

Highlighted in today’s piece is a gem. If you haven’t been to Astoria in a while you’re in for a treat. Right near Astoria’s Hollywood of the East Coast aka Kaufman Studios is a venue called The Astor Room. Think cocktails with huge chunks of ice. This coolest part about The Astor Room is that it was originally built as the commissary to the movie studio opened by the legendary Adolph Zukor in 1920; the restaurant is a living, breathing piece of cinematic history and a trip back in time to a glamorous bygone era. From the moment you descend the original marble staircase, polished to a warm sheen beneath the feet of the many iconic actors who’ve come before you.

Sip your beverage in true NEW YORK Hollywood fashion while in ASTORIA. Yes, QUEENS! Not Manhattan.

By the way, the place has delicious food — we recommend the Mac and Cheese. It has bacon. Mmmm.

The Astor Room is located on the corner of 36th Avenue and 35th Street in Queens and is part of the Kaufman Astoria Studios complex and simple to get to from Manhattan. To all you city dwellers, cross the bridge. You won’t be disappointed.