We’re just about half-way through the summer and we haven’t made our big vacation plans yet. Our friend’s social media accounts are blowing up with photos from exotic locations and FOMO hit us hard! Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we got you covered. The destination is Brazil and the budget can be zero. Sound like something you’d like to explore? Great! Follow us.

Brazilians have a reputation for partying, so we’re psyched for this ‘vacation’. While a plane is not required, we are being transported. Brasil Summerfest is the largest international Brazilian music & arts festival in the world. It is a convergence of Brazil’s contemporary music, film, food, lifestyle & culture. All in our backyard.

As you’re probably aware, there’s an energy that fuels Brazil impossible to put into words. The culture overflows in music, color and spice. Your friends attempt to describe it, but the only way is to experience it. Until 2011, you could not do that without hopping on a plane and taking a long flight to a version of paradise. Lucky for us, the party comes here. Brasil Summerfest offers attendees a taste of that special Brazilian energy and ethos, becoming the largest and most important international Brazilian music & arts festival in the world outside of Brazil.  No surprise here as most consider New York City the place to showcase your best.

From what we hear, this summer you can expect some of the most exhilarating experiences in the nine-year history of the festival. While it started already, the two week-long festival features special music concerts, dance parties, film premiers, food vendors, art shows, invigorating talks and the kind of fun you can only find in Brazil.  There is something for everyone. Whether it’s in your wheelhouse or satisfying the inner explorer in you. And yes, there will be plenty to Insta! Take that to your bragging friends!

For a schedule of events, ticket information and more, visit: brasilsummerfest.com