Choice Eats, Obie Awards, 4Knots Music Festival, Choice Streets, Holiday Spirits and Brooklyn Pour. Sound familiar? If not, chances are you are not as loyal as we thought. These are events that The Village Voice has independently produced and created. We consider ourselves lucky enough to celebrate them with the iconic publication and share our experience with you.

The most recent installment was Brunch Eats and as usual, the event took us to another epic venue where we had an experience that could not be replicated. It’s kind of what we live for. This time, The Village Voice took over the USS Intrepid; yes, the aircraft carrier. You may have been there for a tour with your family or took a ride on your Citibike on the West Side. This was totally different. Yes, it was a tour and yes you were on a former aircraft carrier that fought in World War II and survived five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. But, you also had an opportunity to tour over 20 of New York City’s top restaurants with their best breakfast bites, mouth-watering brunch dishes plus themed cocktails including bloody marys, mimosas, coffee and more.

People talk about ‘party brunches’; how about a party brunch at NIGHT?! It was epic — just check out our photos. The night included live music under the stars provided by The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers, a homage to Jazz’s Golden Age: the 1920’s. When we filled ourselves to the brim, we stepped outside and were on deck of the aircraft carrier and New York City’s night skyline in the backdrop (with the best river view). It was something that could only be captured in New York City. OK, enough romanticizing. Back to the food!

We won’t hype it up and lead you down some path until we tell you our favorite because it was all delicious. However, our first stop was extra special. We popped by The Black Ant where they were serving a Torta de Pato. What is this you ask? It’s a Corn Bun with Duck Carnitas, Crispy Potatoes, Negra Modelo Morita Salsa. O-M-G. We’re still salivating at the thought of those flavors on our palate.

After that we made our way around the room, filling up on Lagunitas after every other tasting (palate not affected). At the end, we went out to the deck to try and catch our breath and make a list of our Top 5 (after The Black Ant). Here’s what we came up with in no particular order:

Mr. Purple: Best. Corned. Beef. Hash.

Butter & Scotch: Teeny weeny BLT’s on a Biscuit. So small but packed a punch.

Bustan: Excellent resto serving Bustan French Toast with Homemade Challah Bread, Crème Anglaise, Pâte Feuilletée, Crème Fraiche, Mixed Berries & Silan and Tahini Sauce

StreetsBK: Cuban Sandwich With Red Mojo Sauce. Cuban Sandwich on steroids.

Tom’s Restaurant: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that you never experienced before. Guaranteed.

We washed all of this down with an assortment of extra mini doughnuts from Dough. Yes, it was gluttony to the max but it was glorious. Thank you Village Voice; you crushed our diet for the month and will keep us smiling until your next event.