By now our inbox has been flooded with New Years Eve events, restaurant specials, Times Square viewings and every other activity that is being sold as unique and in high demand. While it all may be kind of, sort of true, all of the activities that we see on amateur night are very similar. There’s a factory in the back pumping out a ton of food that is likely not special and lots of booze flowing so that people get their moneys worth from the open bar.  Again, all can be a lot of fun but maybe not so unique outside of the 5 minutes before midnight where everyone stares at a screen and counts down with Steve Harvey or Ryan Seacrest. You may think we sound jaded; not true! It’s just that our team has been doing this for years and always on the hunt for something new and fresh. This year we have found an event that takes us back in time as compared to being brought to the next decade. To us, that’s pretty cool.  Whether we like it or not, we’ll be in 2020 before we know it. But how about going back to the 1960’s.  There is no need for a DeLorean as the new TWA Hotel is taking care of the time travel with their New Year’s Eve Party, which will be 1960s-themed with live, retro music, dinner stations, ice skating performances and a front-row seat to the airport’s takeoffs and landings.

On December 31, don your Sixties finery and join the crowd in the 200,000-square-foot landmark 1962 TWA Flight Center for all of the above— and plenty of bubbly. When the hotel’s iconic Vulcain clock strikes midnight, the fun will just be getting started. There will be a five-hour open bar, dinner stations and live music in the 1962 TWA Flight Center designed by architect Eero Saarinen. Watch as jets take off outside the windows of their midcentury marvel — and an ice show spectacular dazzles on the tarmac next to our 1958 Lockheed Constellation “Connie” airplane.  Again, there are plenty of things to do on New Year’s Eve. We just weren’t sure how-to time travel. Until now.

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