From September 1st through the 14th, you can see Broadway Shows for half price (or two for one). Sounds pretty awesome, yes? We thought so too but when we went to to purchase tickets, we were completely overwhelmed.

Just because we live and breathe in New York City, surrounded by Broadway, doesn’t count as knowing Broadway. We had no idea which show to pick. In fact, we realized that we didn’t even know what we liked!

We did some research and we use that term loosely because we believe that true research would be seeing all of the shows!

After browsing the list of shows, descriptions and YouTube clips, we decided to pick three and experience it with very different people in our lives. Here’s what we’re doing:

Pippin – This was on Broadway like 40 years ago. They brought it back and it appears to be sexier than ever! That is why we are taking our date there. Man or woman; it doesn’t matter. This is a SEXY show! You can catch Pippin at The Music Box Theatre located at 239 W. 45th St. (between Seventh and Eighth Avenues)

The Phantom of the Opera – We told you in the title that we are NOT experts. Its amateur hour and we are ALL IN (and for a discounted price). We’re taking Mom to this one since you can’t go wrong with a classic. You can catch this show at The Majestic Theatre located at 247 W. 44th St. (between Seventh and Eighth Avenues)

Rock of Ages – Our boy Constantine Maroulis is back on the stage. We’re taking our bros (or longtime girlfriend) to this fun, sing-a-long show. Check out the YouTube videos on this one…you’ll be on your chair yelling into a pencil! You can find this show at The Helen Hayes Theatre located at 240 W. 44th St. (between Seventh and Eighth Avenues)